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Often overlooked, the four patches of rubber touching the pavement are arguably the most important part of your vehicle. Swapping out your tires can have a huge impact on the way your car, truck, or SUV performs. Symbolic Kustomz is your one-stop-shop to ensure that you have the best rubber touching the ground at all times. With one of the largest warehouses in the industry, we offer the following brand name tires: BF Goodrich, Continental, Cooper, Firestone, General, Hankook, Michelin, Nexen, Vogue, Yokohama, Toyo, Nitto, Falken, Federal, Rolling Big Power, Lexani, Pirelli, Nankang, Goodyear, Fury, and several more upon request. We also sell and equip everything a tire needs to perform its best: from TPMS sensors to lug nuts to key locks. Catering to some of the most elite clients in the Chicagoland area, our experienced staff will ensure that you leave with the best tires for your vehicle and desired wheels. Below are four of the most important factors we consider when recommending a solid set of rubbers for our clients.

I recently purchased a jeep and realized I needed a better set of tires. I stopped in to symbolic Kustomz spoke to Dan in Hope's of finding a good set of tires. His knowledge and expertise about tires impressed me so much that I will be going back for future purchases. Thank you Dan these tires on my jeep are the best ever!!!!.- Alexis Ciambrone

Tire Ratings

Sample of full line of tiresWhen buying tires, there are four import characteristics to consider besides the look and fit of the tires themselves. They are:

  • Performance - When your tires are properly balanced, filled with the right amount of air, and have a proper tread pattern, you will feel a world of difference in the way your vehicle handles. Likewise, if your tires are incorrectly suited to your car or truck, they can have tremendous negative consequences. With our state of the art machinery and tools, Symbolic Kustomz ensures that your tires are set up exactly right. Doing so will truly enhance your vehicle's performance and can even be worth dozens of horsepower more. Choosing a good tire based on your driving preferences is the first step in getting the most from your car, truck, or SUV.

  • Safety - Having a solid set of tires is about more than performance and cool looks; they need to keep you safe. The only part of your car that ever touches the ground - hopefully - is those four rubber circles around your wheels. Because your safety is one of our top priorities, Symbolic Kustomz wants to make sure you have the knowledge and tools available to avoid any lack of control, blowouts, hydroplaning, under/over steering, rubbing, or uneven tread. Our extensive tire knowledge and inventory availability gives you the opportunity to give your car or truck what it deserves most, without sacrificing your safety.

  • Traction - Proper traction affects almost every aspect of the way your vehicle handles. It will maximize vehicle control while extending performance, safety, and efficiency. We will help you choose the best tread for your purposes - be it offroading, racing, or just a solid road tire. A proper road tire should keep the vehicle grounded even through dangerous conditions like snow and water on the pavement.

  • Efficiency - Having the wrong tires for your car could be costing you - literally. An inappropriate tire could be causing excess drag, severely reducing your fuel efficiency. Symbolic Kustomz will ensure that whatever tire you end up choosing won’t break the bank and ruin your MPGs.